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Published: January 26 2009, 5:11:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 5:15:39 PM

When I execute Bulk Data Exchange service functions the return variables are always null. I have observed the same behavior when executing File Transfer service functions. Am I missing something?

When executing the Bulk Data Exchange service functions in .NET, the return parameters of the call are returned in the anyField in the BaseServiceResponse class. Therefore the designated return variables are always null. Similar behavior is observed when executing the File Transfer service functions.

For e.g. The createUploadJob response returns jobId, fileRefId and MaxFileSize in the anyField instead of the respective variables.

To get the code to work correctly, the proxy classes generated by .NET need to be modified. Particularly, the anyField and the associated property in the BaseServiceResponse class need to be commented (see below).

 public abstract partial class BaseServiceResponse : object, System.ComponentModel.INotifyPropertyChanged {

private AckValue ackField;

private ErrorData[] errorMessageField;

private string versionField;

private System.DateTime timestampField;

private bool timestampFieldSpecified;

//Comment the anyField and the associated property

//private System.Xml.XmlElement[] anyField;





/// <remarks/>


//public System.Xml.XmlElement[] Any {

// get {

// return this.anyField;

// }

// set {

// this.anyField = value;

// this.RaisePropertyChanged("Any");

// }



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