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Published: July 10 2020, 8:17:00 AMUpdated: November 28 2020, 5:08:14 PM

Some of my users are being asked to confirm their identify when I send them through the auth & auth flow to get their token.  Why does this happen to only a few users and not everybody?


As per our Trusted Selling with identity confirmation announcement, if users attempt to login to eBay from a different machine other the ones that they use usually, eBay will ask the user to confirm the identity.

Detailed Description

During the auth & auth flow, if the user attempts to login into the eBay sign in page from a machine that is not usually used, they will be taken through the confirm identify flow as below:

Step 1:  User Signs in on the eBay Sign in Page


  User is asked to confirm identity


  User needs to enter the PIN number delivered during the phone call


Step 4:  Optionally, user can have eBay remember this computer.


Additional Information

API Documentation:  Getting Tokens

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