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Published: June 17 2019, 3:56:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 5:02:29 PM

Windows application that demonstrates the Large Merchant Services (LMS) workflow.


This application demonstrates the workflow of eBay's Large Merchant Services (LMS). LMS, a set of APIs, is designed to assist sellers in managing their eBay inventory more efficiently. LMS also allows downloading inventory and sales reports from eBay.  

The application has been written in C# using using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

Detail Description

Requirements to run this tool:

Unzip the contents of the zip file into one directory

How to use this tool:

  • Double click on the executable in the installed folder\bin\Debug\LMS.exe to start the application. The form as shown in the picture below will be displayed.

Main Tab


  • Select your environment. We strongly recommend using the eBay Developer Sandbox testing environment before putting a LMS application into production.
  • Paste the token for the environment selected in the textbox.
  • Select the operation that you would like to perform. LMS operations can be classified into two broad categories -

             1. Modify inventory - allows modifying your eBay inventory by sending (uploading) a request file. In order to see how your request was proceseed you will need to download the response file.

2. Download -  allows downloading of reports from eBay regarding your active inventory or sales transactions.

  • Click Continue to proceed with the operation. If you selected Modify my eBay inventory the following screen will be displayed.

Upload Tab

Modify Inventory -

1. Select the job type from the drop down list.
2. Select the gzip (.gz) request file to be uploaded.
3. Select where you would like the response file downloaded and specify the filename (.zip).
4. Click on Initiate Upload Job. The Upload Job Status field will display the status of the job you just submitted.

Upload job in action

If you selected Modify Download Report from eBay the following screen will be displayed.


Download Report -

1. Select the type of report that you would like to download.
2. Select where you would like the report file downloaded and specify the filename (.zip).
3. Click on Initiate Report Download. The Download Status field will display the status of the job you just submitted.

Download in action


  • Error message - Authentication failed via token authn method
    Make sure that you are using the token for the environment selection made. Use the Generate Token link in the application to get a token if you don't have one.
  • My reports are blank - If you have no inventory, your active inventory report will not contain any items. Similarly if you have not sold any items the Sold Report will not contain any data.


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