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Published: January 23 2008, 2:44:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 4:05:26 PM

How should I access the eBay Trading Web Services using Visual Studio 2008?


In Visual Studio 2008, it now gives you the option of adding a service reference.  However, for eBay Trading Web Services, you will need to add a web reference instead, to be able to make the calls.

Detailed Description

Here are the steps for adding the web reference:

1.  Right click on your project in the Solutions Explorer and choose Add Service Reference.

2.  Click on the Advanced button

3.  Click on Add Web Service Reference

4.  Enter the URL for the latest version of the WSDL and click go

5.  It will find one service - ebaySvc and set the web reference name to com.ebay.developer
     If you choose, you can change the name

6.  Click on Add Reference.

Now you can add invoke the required call as demonstarted in this KB article:
.NET sample in C# for making a SOAP call to a non-US site

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Visual Studio Version 2008

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