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Published: August 03 2007, 1:53:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 3:53:30 PM

Since AddMemberMessageAAQToPartner allows customized subjects, does it mean that calls such as SetMessagePreferences / GetMessagePreferences are obsolete?

SetMessagePreferences is used to set custom Ask Seller a Question (ASQ) subjects to display on the seller's Ask a Question page.  This is useful when a user wants to ask a question, prior to entering into a transactional relationship with the seller.  If the seller has set up custom questions, the potential buyer can choose from one of those and ask the required question. CustomizedSubject for AddMemberMessageAAQToPartner, on the other hand is useful to cutomize the subject when an transactional relationship has been established.

Detailed Description

Here is an example of setting custom ASQ subjects:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<SetMessagePreferencesRequest xmlns="urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents">



    <Subject>Custom ASQ 1</Subject>

    <Subject>Custom ASQ 2</Subject>

    <Subject>Custom ASQ 3</Subject>






When a user wants to ask the seller a question about a particular item via the site, this is what they will see in the list of subjects:

When the item is sold and the seller can send a message with customized subject.  Here is an example of AddMemberMessageAAQToPartner call:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<AddMemberMessageAAQToPartnerRequest xmlns="urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents">



    <Body>Thanks for the transaction</Body>


    <Subject>My customized subject</Subject>







This is what the buyer will see in their messages:

Version Info

The code example above was based on the versions specified below:

API Schema Version 523

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