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Published: July 25 2007, 2:45:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 3:52:49 PM

Please note the eBay Accelerator Toolkit library is a third party toolkit not provided by eBay. Primary support for the toolkit is available at However, eBay provides downloads for the kit and a number of Knowledge Base articles about using the kit.

Detailed Description

Here is how you can get up and running with the eBay Accelerator Toolkit for PHP using resources available on the eBay Developer site. If you have detailed questions you may want to see the resources (forums, etc.) available at

  1. Download the eBay Accelerator Toolkit library, unzip and store in a place where you would keep PHP libraries. For file include purposes, you will need to include this file path in your PHP include path (see or
    set_include_path('C:/php/lib/EbatNs'); // place this in the file to execute or modify your php.ini file as needed
  2. Download the eBay Accelerator Toolkit samples (EbatNsSamples) which are attached to this Knowledge Base article. Place these where you would like to create your sample application (ex. in web server document tree).

  3. Now edit the EbatNsSamples/config/ebay.config.php file. Fill in your sandbox Dev, App, and Cert IDs. If your CertID or other parameters contain a dollar sign ($) you should enclose the value in double quotes to prevent parse errors. Change the site-id as appropriate (US site = 0; German site = 77 etc.). Set the compat-level to 515 or higher (this is the version of the eBay API). Also give the full path to your token file. Now move (or copy) the entire EbatNsSamples/config directory into the EbatNs library directory so the config directory is at the same level as all the other files such as AbstractRequestType.php.

  4. Now run some of the samples such as EbatNsSamples/verifyAddItem.php. Note you may need to change some of the values such as $item->Site to those appropriate for your case. Testing in the sandbox is recommended.

Additional resources

Getting support on the Accelerator Toolkit for PHP

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