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Published: July 05 2007, 11:07:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 3:51:06 PM

What can I do through the API that I can do in Selling Manager Pro?

Selling Manager Pro functionality available through the API

Detailed Description

Selling Manager Pro offers a rich set of features.
Some of these features can also be implemented through the API.

  • Sending an Invoice to a Buyer
    Selling Manager Pro allows the seller to send an invoice to a buyer for purchases made.
    The seller can specify what shipping service costs are available, as well as any sales tax, shipping insurance, or other adjustments that factor into the total.
    The SendInvoice API call can be used to the same thing.
    Two minor features with respect to the editing of a sale in Selling Manager Pro are not available through the API.
    The editing of a sale without actually sending an invoice to the buyer, and the ability to add notes to a sale are not available through the API.
  • Paid & Shipped
    Selling Manager Pro can be used to mark a sale as Paid or Shipped as well as view sales sorted according to their Paid and/or Shipped status.
    The CompleteSale API call can be used to mark a purchase as Paid and/or Shipped.
    The GetSellerTransactions API call returns the PaidTime and ShippedTime for a sale.
    By utilizing this data, an API application can also display sales sorted according to their Paid and/or Shipping status.
If you would like to see other Selling Manager Pro features made available through the API, or other integration points between Selling Manager Pro and the API, please do post the details in the Developer Product Feedback/Wish List forum for visibility to the Product Management team.

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