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Published: May 18 2007, 5:12:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 3:45:09 PM

I have received this email:

***IMPORTANT*** eBay Alert: Your API Calls Will Be Rejected!!!

What should I do ?


 Your application will not be able to make any additional calls for the remainder of the day.  To react to this situation, do the following:

   1.  Identify your Applications current usage with either method as below

       A) Run API Usage Report in eBay Developer website
       B) Get API usage report with  GetAPIAccessRules API call  

      See detail information in this KB article How can I see my Application's API Usage Statistics?

  2. If you have not gone through the Compatible Application Check  process, please do so.  Upon successful completion , your application call limit will be increased up to 1.5 million calls per day. You can apply for the Compatible Application Check here :

  3. If your application call limit is already upgraded to 1.5 million calls per day, you need to file a Support Request and justify the business need for increasing in your call limits here :

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