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Published: May 15 2007, 10:45:00 AMUpdated: November 28 2020, 1:24:56 PM

How can I relate the eBay Checkout and PaymentStatus with the PayPal IPN PaymentStatus?

Detailed Description

For an eBay Transaction that you get from transaction calls like GetSellerTransactions / GetItemTransctions, some of the status enumerations can be directly mapped to a PayPal IPN PaymentStatus.  Here is a summary of mappings that you can use as a guide for what you can expect to see:

PayPal  IPN - payment_status eBay - Transaction.Status.CheckoutStatus eBay - Transaction.Status.eBayPaymentStatus
Canceled-Reversal CheckoutIncomplete NoPaymentFailure
Completed CheckoutComplete NoPaymentFailure
Denied CheckoutIncomplete BuyerFailedPaymentReportedBySeller
Expired CheckoutIncomplete NoPaymentFailure
Failed CheckoutIncomplete BuyerECheckBounced
Pending CheckoutComplete PayPalPaymentInProcess
Processed CheckoutComplete NoPaymentFailure
Refunded CheckoutIncomplete NoPaymentFailure
Reversed CheckoutIncomplete NoPaymentFailure
Voided CheckoutIncomplete NoPaymentFailure

There are other enumerations both on the eBay and PayPal side, for which there are no equivalent mappings because they are not relevant outside of the context that you are in.  If you are tracking a transaction then you should use the eBay API.  If the payment is made via PayPal, then you should use PayPal IPN or API to get the granular status of the payment.

Note: The above discussion is relevant only if the buyer is directed to the PayPal site via eBay Checkout. If the payment is made via PayPal features like SendMoney, then the association illustrated by the mappings may not apply.

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