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Published: May 14 2007, 4:34:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 3:44:08 PM

When a newly registered eBay user is redirected back to my Auth & Auth page, an unexpected 'Company Name' is displayed in my AcceptURL page for the user. What is happening?


   For existing eBay users, ApplicationDisplayName is the string displayed on either AcceptURL or RejectURL page, while the company name shows to the newly registered eBay user is the Company Name string that you specified in  your eBay Developer Account signup form.  This is a bug on our side. 

   Since the registration Company Name is not editable, please come to Primary Support if you need to update your Company Name to be matched with the ApplicationDisplayName string defined in your SetReturnURL API call.

  *The newly registered eBay User is the user who SignUp into eBay by following the steps below :

   1. Go to a third party application

   2. Click on Register button  when is redirected to the eBay SignIn page from the third party application and complete registration process.

   3. Confirm eMail address and finish the registraion ( the user should be routed back to the eBay SignIn page that associated to the given third party application.

   4. Using the newly created eBay UserID and password, login to eBay site from the same page mentioned in step 3.

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