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Amit Patel, General Manager

"What we’ve enjoyed the most from working with the eBay Developer’s Program has been working with a modern API, using modern protocols and formats: e.g., REST, OAuth 2.0, json. We’ve also enjoyed the responsiveness from the eBay team to any issues that have come up."

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


"With access to eBay’s Buy API, we’ve been able to scale our platform not only from a technology standpoint, but from a product standpoint. Ebates members look for compelling deals across a wide variety of merchants. Everything from fashion to electronics to baby formula and text books. It was key for us to to work with a great technology partner that has a product catalog that really spans to every type of category for members. With access to the eBay's Buy API, we can now help our members find and shop for compelling products directly from the eBay marketplace fast and efficiently."

Ebates uses eBay's Buy APIs