eBay Trading APIVersion 1225

SellerReverseDisputeRequestType ( AbstractRequestType )

Enables a seller to "reverse" an Unpaid Item dispute that has been closed in case the buyer and seller are able to reach a mutual agreement. If this action is successful, the seller receives a Final Value Fee credit and the buyer's Unpaid Item strike are both reversed, if applicable. The dispute might have resulted in a strike to the buyer and a Final Value Fee credit to the seller. A buyer and seller sometimes come to agreement after a dispute has been closed. In particular, the seller might discover that the buyer actually paid, or the buyer might agree to pay the seller's fees in exchange for having the strike removed.

A dispute can only be reversed if it was closed with DisputeActivity set to SellerEndCommunication, CameToAgreementNeedFVFCredit, or MutualAgreementOrNoBuyerResponse.

Call that uses SellerReverseDisputeRequestType:


DisputeID ( DisputeIDType (string) ) [0..1]
The unique identifier of the dispute that was returned when the dispute was created. The dispute must be an Unpaid Item dispute that the seller opened.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use DisputeID.

DisputeResolutionReason ( DisputeResolutionReasonCodeType ) [0..1]
The reason the dispute is being reversed.
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