eBay Trading APIVersion 1225


This type is used by the RelevanceIndicator container, which is returned for an item specific if eBay has data on how many eBay users have searched for an item in the category using that item specific.

Note: This container is restricted to applications that have been granted permission to access this feature. You must submit an App Check ticket to request this access. In the App Check form, add a note to the Application Title/Summary and/or Application Details fields that you want access to 'Buyer Demand Data' in GetCategorySpecifics.

Type that uses RelevanceIndicatorType:

Call that uses RelevanceIndicatorType:


SearchCount ( long ) [0..1]
The integer in this field indicates how many searches have been performed for listings in the category (in the last 30 days) using that item specific.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use SearchCount.