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A list of vehicles that are compatible with a motor vehicle part or accessory. Describes assemblies with which a part is compatible (i.e., compatibility by application). For example, to specify a part's compatibility with a vehicle, the name would map to standard vehicle characteristics (e.g., Year, Make, Model, Trim, and Engine). The values describe the specific vehicle, such as a 2006 Honda Accord.

The ItemCompatibilityList container will only be returned if a parts compatibility list exists for the listing, and the IncludeSelector field is included and set to Compatibility

Type that uses ItemCompatibilityListType:

Call that uses ItemCompatibilityListType:


Compatibility ( ItemCompatibilityType ) [0..*]
A Compatibility container is returned for each motor vehicle that is compatible with the motor vehicle part or accessory. The Year, Make, Model, Trim, and Engine type of the vehicle is expressed through name-value pairs, and notes about compatibility (if available/applicable) is expressed through the CompatibilityNotes field.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Compatibility.