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Analyzing seller performance

The Analytics API lets you generate two reports; one for your performance as a seller and a traffic report for your listings.

You use the Analytics API both at the beginning and the end of each cycle of selling. Once listing and fulfillment are complete, sellers can understand their sales, determine changes they should make to their business, and track the impact of any adjustments they made.

For example, after changes to your listing title, you may be able to see increases in listing impressions, page views, and transactions using the Traffic Report.

To improve your performance in the Seller Standards Profile report, look at each individual metric that we track, such as Transaction Defect Rate, to determine whether you need to better describe an item to remove the changes of a Significantly Not As Described (SNAD) case.

These reports help you understand:

  • Business trends year over year
  • Buyer engagement with your listings
  • Performance in the Seller Standards program

Some of the information the Analytics API provides can be obtains through existing APIs, such as:

  • GetSellerDashboard provides the overall seller level rating, but not the sub metrics and how those contribute to your overall level
  • GetItem calls can provide page views, but the values may include visits from bots and data is limited for only the last 90 days
  • GetSellerTransactions provides the number of transactions for a seller, but data is limited for only items sold in the last 90 days.