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When online shoppers have more retail options than ever at their fingertips, buyer promotions can help you set your items apart. A compelling discount offer, or prominent placement, can mean more sales and larger average order sizes. Using the Marketing API you can create those order discount Promotions that help set your items apart from the crowd.

More than just a means of discounting, the Marketing API is a marketing and merchandising tool to help sellers scale using appealing promotions and eye catching placements, shown to buyers in key spots along the buying flow.

If it’s increasing basket size with a buy 2, get 20% off deal, clearing out last season’s stock by offering an extra 30% off, or showcasing key listings in prominent locations, the Marketing API lets sellers craft Promotions Manager promotions that match their business needs.

Promotion Manager promotion teasers can appear on the Search Results page, on the item page, and through the cart and checkout flows. Every promotion created has its own offer page and each seller has a static “All Offers Page” to showcase all of their promotions. Seller can use their social networks to expose all their promotions, by sharing their “All Offers Page”, highlight a specific promotion by sharing the offer page, or showcase a single item that is part of a Promotion.

Promotion life cycle

The Marketing API lets you create promotions and manage the life cycle of these promotions using the Create Item Promotion, Get Promotions, Delete Item Promotion, Update Item Promotion, Pause Promotion, and Resume Promotion calls.

To improve the effectiveness of their promotions, sellers can track their performance with the Promotions Summary Report.

The Marketing API is available to any seller who has an eBay Store subscription and who has agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the site they are creation promotions on. It lets the big brands replicate the deals that they offer in store and on their own site, and it gives our smaller business sellers access to an effective scaling tool. See the Overview for links to the Terms and Conditions and the requirements and other restrictions.

Intended sellers

The Marketing API is intended for those business who have an active eBay Store subscription and are already using APIs, or a 3rd party provider or tool, to manage their eBay business off eBay.

Effective promotions

You can use the Marketing API to:

  • Merchandise and cross promote the sellers own items
    When you create a Promotions Manager promotion using the Marketing API, some of your eligible items from that promotion will be featured in a module on the Item page.

    Because of this, it is important to think about the inventory in each promotion; these items should be items that relate to, or complement, the other items in the promotion.

  • Encourage positive buyer behavior
    Just having promotions encourage positive buyer behavior and interest. Instead of giving a straight discount, why not only give a discount if you buy 2, or spend $50? Even when a buyer doesn’t trigger an offer, the opportunity has its own appeal and it’s a great way to encourage buyers to explore what else you have on offer.
  • Manage margins
    The Marketing API lets you choose the promotions strategy which is right for your business. If a flat discount isn’t an option, 25% off if you spend over $75 might be. Or a 15% discount if you buy 3 or more. The wide variety of choice means you can craft an appealing promotion while managing your margins.

  • Use Promotions Manager promotions and Promoted Listings campaigns together
    Use a Promoted listings campaign to showcase key items then include those items in a Promotion so your other products are merchandised to buyers each time they click through from a Promoted Listing to the item page.

For more information on how to create effective promotions, see the Seller Center.