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Marketing seller inventory

The Marketing API provides the ability to highlight any listing by adding it to a Promotions Manager promotion or a Promoted Listings campaign. It also supports managing the life cycle of a seller's Promotions manager promotions and their Promoted Listing campaigns.

Promotions manager promotions

Listings in a Promotions Manager promotion, are more visible on the eBay site through teasers prominently placed throughout the buyer flow such as in search results, the item page and through cart and checkout. The teasers and messaging create interest in the listing and entice shoppers to explore and purchase.

To create a Promotions Manager promotion, you set the promotion criteria and choose the benefit, such a Buy 1 Get 1 free or Extra 20% discount when you spend $100, set the promotion time frame and specify the listings. The listing IDs can be seller's IDs or eBay listing IDs.

For more information see Promotions.

Promoted listings promotions

Promoted Listings improve the visibility of a sellers listings by placing campaign listings prominently in the search results and by having a SPONSORED badge.

To create a Promoted Listings campaign you set the criteria, specify a list of IDs or a set of rules that select the listings, and set an ad rate, which is the percent of the purchase price the seller will pay eBay if the buyer purchases the listing via the Promoted Listing. The listing IDs can be seller's IDs or eBay listing IDs. You can have up to 25,000 Promoted Listings in any campaign.

For more information, see Promoted listings.