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Getting a User token

A User token is an OAuth token that represents both the application authentication and user authorization for the calls made to the interfaces. The User token verifies to eBay that the request is coming from a valid application, and that the application has the authorization from the current user to carry out the requests sent to eBay.

Before your application can make calls on a user's behalf, the user must grant the application the permissions it needs to make the requests. Getting a User token is a multi-step process where you first obtain the user's permissions before making your request for a new access token. The following diagram outlines the process for requesting a User token:

Flow for generating a User token.
Flow for generating a User token

The steps to get a User token can be summarized as follows:

  1. Gather all the values you need to complete the process.
  2. Get the user permissions in the form of an authorization code.
  3. Exchange the authorization code for an access token.
  4. Update the access token after it expires.

If you're familiar with the concepts needed to complete these steps, then skip over to the Quick reference for Application tokens for a list of the calls needed to get your tokens.

On the other hand, if this is your first time generating User tokens, then please read through the following sections to gain an understanding of what is needed to generate tokens: