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eBay Taxonomy APIVersion 1_beta

Call Index

This API Reference describes the elements and attributes for each call in the Taxonomy API.

The Taxonomy API is designed for use on behalf of both eBay sellers and eBay buyers. It enables you to assist sellers in properly categorizing their listings, and to assist buyers in quickly discovering the categories that their desired products belong to.

Field Index      Enumeration Index      Type Index     

Call Summary Samples
  Get Suggested Categories
GET /category_tree/{category_tree_id}/get_category_suggestions
Return an array of suggested categories that eBay has determined correspond to keywords that describe a product. view
  Get a Category Subtree
GET /category_tree/{category_tree_id}/get_category_subtree
Retrieve all nodes of the category tree hierarchy (the subtree) below a specified category in a specified category tree. view
  Get a Category Tree
GET /category_tree/{category_tree_id}
Retrieve the complete category tree corresponding to a specified category tree ID. view
  Get a Default Category Tree ID
GET /get_default_category_tree_id
Retrieve the default category tree reference for a specific eBay marketplace. view