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About product feeds

This topic describes product feeds, the requirements to use them, and how to create a product feed file. It contains the following sections:


A product feed is a CSV or XML file that you upload to MIP. It contains a set of required information about your products that will be listed on eBay. It can also contain optional information that can be used to provide extra information to the listing.

You can use a product feed to upload new product information to MIP and to change information about products already listed on the site.

If you used a previous version of MIP, note that some of the elements have been reorganized in this version of MIP and are now located in other feeds. For example, the element Category has been moved from the product feed to the distribution feed.


  • Product feeds must contain all of the elements listed as required in the Product feed definitions table.
  • Identify each product or product variant with a unique SKU.
  • Define items as a individual products, product group, or as a variant (such as color or size) within a product variation group. The product variant group must be in the feed file before the variants, and all variants of a product should be grouped together.
  • Ensure that all manufactured products have a product identifier such as a UPC, EAN, or ISBN. If you list product variations, add product identifiers at the SKU level.
  • Include at least one image file (photo) for each SKU.
  • Image files must meet the requirements specified in Image Guidelines the Catalog Best Practices Guide.

Important! When you change an image, store the new image in a new location and provide the new URL to MIP. Once MIP has uploaded an image from a specific URL, it cannot detect that the image at that URL has changed.

Note: When using the Product and Product Combined feeds, sellers can specify 30 attribute name/value pairs for all categories. The last five attributes allow users to provide data related to CA Prop 65 mandate. Prop 65 requires sellers to provide warnings about items they sell to Californians about significant exposures to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

How to create a product feed

  1. Download the product feed sample file: product.csv
  2. Save the file to your system and edit it as needed to contain information about your products. See the field definitions in Product feed definitions.
  3. Save the file with an appropriate name in your folder.

Important! Save the file as a .CSV file.

  1. Upload the product feed file to eBay.