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About distribution feeds

This topic describes distribution feeds, the requirements to use them, the definitions of the elements they can contain, and explains how to create a distribution feed file. It contains the following sections:


A distribution feed is a CSV or XML file that you upload to MIP. It contains policies for payment, shipping and returns, as well as pricing, category and sales channel information for your SKUs.

Use a distribution feeds to update changes in the price of a SKU. Distribution feeds should be uploaded after the product feed and the availability feed the first time a SKU is processed.


  • Distribution feeds must contain:

    • All of the elements listed as required in the Distribution feed definitionsProduct feed definitionstable

    • Sales channel information, such as which eBay sites to list the item
    • Item price, including strike-through price and minimum advertised price options, plus tax if applicable
    • Special features, such as eBay Now, Buy Online-Pickup In store, and On eBay or Off eBay listings
    • References to payment, shipping, and return business policies, plus shipping policy overrides if needed
  • You can upload distribution feeds multiple times per hour.

  • You can upload up to 10 feeds at a time, but only one distribution feed will be processed at a time, in the order they are queued on the server.

Don’t use distribution feeds to add or update SKUs that haven’t previously been uploaded in a product feed. Doing so can lead to a build-up of error messages in the log files, which can slow processing time.

If you used a previous version of MIP, note that some of the elements have been reorganized in this version of MIP and are now located in other feeds. For example, the element Category has been moved from the product feed to the distribution feed.

If you are using a custom distribution feed, the feed file format (XML or CSV) must be defined in your config-spec file for that distribution feed. For more information about using custom distribution feed config-spec files, refer to Distribution config-spec fields.

How to create a distribution feed

This example shows how to revise the product price in a listing:

  1. Open the following link:
  2. Open the distribution feed sample file and edit the price information for your SKUs. As needed, see the field definitions in Distribution feed definitions.
  3. Save the file with an appropriate name in your folder.
  4. Upload the distribution feed file to eBay.