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About bundles and multi-packs

Bundles and multi-packs are special types of products that have specific guidelines that you should follow when creating new catalog entries for these products.

Bundle details

Bundles are packages that contain a base product plus additional items or accessories.

In general, there are two types of bundles, manufacture-created bundles and custom (or seller-based) bundles.

  • Manufacturer-created bundles are created by the main product's manufacturer and are packaged and sold as unique offerings that are separate from the main product itself. Manufacturer-created bundles have unique product identifiers that are assigned by the brand or manufacturer, and you must use the product identifiers when you create a catalog entry for a bundle.
  • Custom bundles are offerings that are created by a seller who is not the manufacturer of the main product(s) in the bundle.

Note: Do not create catalog entries for custom bundles.

Multi-packs details

Multi-packs are a type of lot.

There are two types of lots, multi-packs and mixed lots:

  • Multi-packs are lots that combine multiples of the same product into a single package. A multi-pack is a pack that contains two or more of the same product, made by the same manufacturer.

    This guide uses the following terminology in the guidelines for multi-packs:

    • Packs: Multi-packs are made up of individual packages called packs.

      Packs usually contain multiples of similar individual units. Consider a pack of batteries or a carton of eggs.

    • Pack size: The pack size is the number of individual units in a particular pack.

    Here is a multi-pack of batteries that contains two packs, and the pack size is 12 (each pack contains 12 units):

    Multi-pack of batteries
    Multi-pack of batteries

  • Mixed lots are lots that combine products of a similar type, but the products are not the same product. Mixed lots can contain products made by the same manufacturer, or products that are made by different manufacturers.

Note: Do not create catalog entries for mixed lots.