eBay Merchant Data APIVersion 1255

ReviseInventoryStatusResponseType ( AbstractResponseType )

The base response type for the ReviseInventoryStatus call. The response includes a Fees container and an InventoryStatus container for each item and/or item variation that was revised.

Call that uses ReviseInventoryStatusResponseType:


A Fees container is returned for each fixed-price listing that was modified with the ReviseInventoryStatus call. This container consists of the estimated listing fees for the revised listing, and the listing is identified in the ItemID field. Each type of fee is returned even if it is not appplicable (has a value of 0.0. The Final Value Fee (FVF) is not in this container, as this value cannot be determined until a sale is made. Note that these fees are at the listing level, so if multiple variations within a multiple-variation listing were modified, the fees in this container would be cumulative totals, and would not single out the fees associated with each modified item variation.

Please note that since fees are returned at the listing level, it is possible that the response will include one Fees container and four InventoryStatus containers if you made revisions to four different item variations within the same multiple-variation listing.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Fees.

InventoryStatus ( InventoryStatusType ) [0..*]
One InventoryStatus container is returned for each item or item variation that was revised. Whether updating the price and/or quantity of a single-variation listing or a specific variation within a multiple-variation listing, the limit of items or item variations that can be modified with one call is four.

Note that all four elements of this container are returned even if these fields would not supplied in the call request. The SKU field is returned as an empty tag if it is not defined for a single-variation listing.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use InventoryStatus.