Using Multi-Variation Listings

Multi-variation listings contain multiple items that are essentially the same product, but that vary in their manufacturing details or packaging.

 T-Shirt Variations

For example, a particular brand and style of shirt could be available in different sizes and colors, such as "large blue" and "medium black".

The eBay web site online help provides additional information:

Multi-Quantity Fixed Price Listings with Variations (US)

This feature depends on using custom item specifics and multi-quantity fixed-price listing formats. See Working with Custom Item Specifics and Listing Types (Formats).

Variations are supported across many areas of eBay, such as listing, buying, My eBay, search, and order management.

AddItem, ReviseItem, RelistItem, and VerifyAddItem do not support multi-variation listings. Instead, you use the fixed-price versions of these calls, which also support inventory tracking by the seller's SKU: AddFixedPriceItem, ReviseFixedPriceItem, RelistFixedPriceItem, and VerifyFixedPriceItem.



Qualifications for Listing with Variations

Configuring Variations for a Listing

Revising and Relisting with Variations

Retrieving a Listing's Variations

Buying Items in Multi-Variation Listings

Retrieving Order Line Items with Variations

Identifying Variations in Member Messages


Multi-variation listings give you a structured way to differentiate between similar (but not identical) items in a multi-quantity, fixed-price listing. Below are some examples:

The figure below shows an example of eBay's View Item page with a shirt variations.

View Item Page with Variations
 Multi-Variation Listing (Buyer View)

eBay offers this feature in categories where sellers tend to list very similar items, such as Clothing, Shoes & Accessories. Check VariationsEnabled in GetCategoryFeatures to determine which categories support multi-variation listings. A summary of supported categories is also available in the eBay online help.

What Categories Can Have Variations? (US)

What Categories Can Have Variations? (UK)

Bei welchen Kategorien können Sie Variante einstellen? (DE)

The figure below shows one way an application could present sellers with options to include variations in a single listing.

Multi-Variation Listing
 Multi-Variation Listing (Seller View)

eBay's multi-variation listing feature provides several benefits for sellers:

Selling multiple variations from the same listing is the same as selling multiple items from any other fixed-price listing.

Qualifications for Listing with Variations

For a listing with variations to be accepted by eBay, the seller and the listing must meet some basic qualifications.

See the eBay online help for details about item and seller qualifications. If you search for "variations" in your site's language, you will find help links similar to these:

Creating a Listing with Variations (US)

Listing Items with Variations (UK)

Angebote mit mehreren Varianten einstellen (DE)

If a seller becomes ineligible to create multi-variation listings, they can't create new listings with variations. However, their existing listings with variations can continue (and be revised) until the next "Good 'Til Cancelled" (GTC) renewal or until ended by other means (such as items sold out or end time reached).

In the rare case that a category stops supporting multi-variation listings, existing listings with variations can continue (and be revised) until their next GTC renewal or until ended by other means (such as items sold out or end time reached).