Unpaid Item Disputes

Unpaid item disputes are no longer supported by eBay, so this topic is no longer relevant, and it will be removed in the future. Instead of filing a dispute, eBay recommends that sellers first send out payment reminders to the buyer. If the buyer does not pay after four calendar days, the seller should cancel the order and relist (if applicable). The seller will be eligible for a Final Value Fee refund upon cancellation for non-payment.

A seller can open an Unpaid Item case under certain conditions. The seller may hope for the buyer to pay, relist the item, receive a credit for the Final Value Fee, or other positive outcome. Communication between a buyer and seller to resolve an issue is always encouraged by eBay, and is often the fastest and simplest way to resolve a problematic transaction. For tips on working to resolve an issue with a buyer, see Resolving Selling Issues.

Issues that may trigger a seller to open an Unpaid Item dispute: