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Packaging and Handling Cost

Shipping Surcharge


Packaging and Handling Cost

The information here about the domestic packaging and handling cost for calculated shipping from the eBay US site is applicable to the domestic leg of a Global Shipping shipment. Handling cost for the international leg is included in the shipping cost determined by the international shipping provider.

Setting Packaging and Handling Costs for Calculated Shipping

Sellers assign a single packaging/handling costs for use by both domestic and international shipping services via PackagingHandlingCosts.

If domestic and international calculated shipping is offered for an item and if packaging/handling cost is specified only for domestic shipping, that cost will be applied by eBay as the international packaging/handling cost. (To specify a international packaging/handling cost, you must always specify a domestic packaging/handling cost, even if it is 0.)

International packaging/handling cost must be specified if calculated international shipping has been provided along with flat rate domestic shipping.

See also Packaging/Handling Cost for Combined Payment.

Revising an item

If a seller original offered both domestic and international shipping services and assigned unique domestic and international packaging and handling costs, and now the seller revises the listing and omits the two packaging/handling costs, these costs will be zeroed. If the seller revises the listing and omits only the domestic packaging/handling costs, the domestic packaging/handling cost is zeroed. However, if the seller revises the listing and omits only the international packaging/handling costs, the value of the domestic packaging/handling cost is copied as the international packaging/handling cost. (If the seller for some reason wants to charge packaging/handling costs for the domestic shipping services but no packaging/handling costs for international packaging/handling costs, the seller should set the international to 0.0.)

If there are no shipping services, any packaging/handling costs are ignored if submitted.

Retrieving Packaging and Handling Costs for Calculated Shipping

GetItem: A seller can distinguish between domestic and international packaging/handling costs. The equation above, then, would be for a domestic shipping service. The equation for an international shipping service would use InternationalPackagingHandlingCosts instead of PackagingHandlingCosts.

GetItemTransactions: Although GetItem returns both PackagingHandlingCosts and InternationalPackagingHandlingCosts for the eBay US and Motors and Parts and Accessories sites, there is no need for order retrieval calls such as GetItemTransactions, GetSellerTransactions, and GetOrderTransactions to return separate tags. Order retrieval calls reflect the selection of the buyer, whether the selection was of a domestic shipping service and its costs or an international shipping service and its costs. Packaging/handling costs corresponding to the buyer's selection are adequately reflected in the PackagingHandlingCosts field.

GetItemShipping: Any packaging/handling cost specified on input is added to each shipping service on output (whether domestic or international).

Shipping Surcharge

Sellers can specify a surcharge when shipping via UPS to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. This is currently available only for flat rate shipping on the eBay US site and Motors Parts and Accessories categories.

Shipping surcharges do not apply to shipments via the Global Shipping Program.


Total item cost to the buyer includes such things as item cost, shipping cost, taxes, and discounts. The application developer must determine if taxes apply and whether they are based on the item cost without shipping costs, on the item cost with shipping costs, etc. See Enabling Multi-Jurisdiction Sales Tax.