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Listing policies provide rules to ensure a better and safer experience on eBay. To help things run smoothly and to prevent your listings from being ended administratively, be sure to review and follow these rules when you list your items.

eBay's Listing Policies

How eBay Protects Intellectual Property (VeRO)

eBay Rules and Policies

The following links go to the eBay Rules and Policies pages for some of the large eBay sites. Each eBay member should be aware of these rules and policies. The rules and policies differ slightly for each country.

eBay US Rules and Policies

eBay UK Rules and Policies

eBay Germany Rules and Policies

eBay Australia Rules and Policies

eBay Canada Rules and Policies

Seller Limits

New sellers are subject to seller limits. These seller limits restrict the new seller to a maximum quantity of items per month or to a maximum value of items listed per month, whichever limit is reached first. The actual limits can vary per seller, depending on various factors.

One purpose of the seller limits is to improve the buyer experience. The limits imposed on new, inexperienced sellers are intended to let the seller gain needed experience and limit any mistakes to a small number of items and their buyers. As the seller gains experience, the seller can request higher limits.

Certain sellers may be new to eBay, but are already large, established sellers outside of eBay. Sellers of this type might want to try requesting higher initial limits from eBay. (Any seller can try to increase his/her limit at any time using the Request higher selling limits link in the All Selling section of My eBay.) For additional information see the 'Increasing your limits' section in the eBay help.

Limits on eBay sellers

Finding Out Your Limits

You can find your overall limits in My eBay. Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages, sign in to your account, and click the Sell link on the left side of the page.

You'll see a red alert at the bottom of the Monthly selling limits section once you've reached a limit, letting you know you won't be able to sell more items in the current month but giving you an option to increase your limits.

What Applications Need to Do

An application that lists items needs to provide appropriate messaging to sellers who are subject to the seller limits. For sellers who have a strong business case for higher initial limits, the application should encourage them to apply for higher limits immediately by using the Request higher selling limits link in the All Selling section of My eBay under the Selling Limits heading. The link takes the seller to various options for increasing limits, and the seller can choose between these.

The key API component you use for this messaging is GetMyeBaySelling, which returns the remaining quantity of items that the seller can sell, and the remaining value amount, via the Summary.AmountLimitRemaining and Summary.QuantityLimitRemaining elements (You need to set SellingSummary.Include to true in the request.)

The listing application messaging must make it clear that selling limits exist for the seller and also keep the seller informed about how close the seller is to the limits. The application could optionally make listing suggestions based on the value and number of the items the seller is attempting to list; for example, your application could track the listings being entered and inform the seller as the seller approaches the limits. An application could also make suggestions as to the items that are most likely to sell, and so forth.