Working with Listings that Benefit Nonprofits

eBay for Charity gives sellers a formal way to donate a percentage of their listings' proceeds to particular nonprofit organizations. The feature also provides functionality that makes it easier for buyers to find items that are listed by nonprofit organizations, or that benefit nonprofit organizations.


API Support for eBay for Charity

Benefits of Retrieving eBay for Charity Information

Other Ways to List Charitable Items

Sellers can list items through the normal Sell Your Item flow on the eBay site, or through the API. A seller selects a qualified nonprofit organization and specifies a percentage of the item purchase price to be used as a donation. After the item is purchased, the eBay for Charity provider bills the seller and sends the donation amount to the nonprofit organization on the seller's behalf. Nonprofit organizations can also list items on their own behalf through eBay for Charity.

There may be a minimum donation amount required for items listed through eBay for Charity via the API or the Sell Your Item flow. This minimum donation amount may not be required for nonprofit charity organizations listing items on their own behalf. See the eBay online help at for specific details about this requirement.

Currently, eBay for Charity is supported through the US (including Motors) and UK marketplaces only.

See the eBay online help for additional information about eBay for Charity:

Selling to Benefit a Nonprofit Organization

API Support for eBay for Charity

eBay for Charity items are listed via the API through a partnership with the PayPal Giving Fund (where nonprofit organizations register). There are two ways to sell on eBay to benefit nonprofit organizations. The seller can select a third-party, nonprofit organization that is registered with the PayPal Giving Fund, and donate anywhere from 5 to 100 percent of the sale proceeds to this organization. This is referred to as Community Selling. A Nonprofit Direct Seller is an nonprofit organization that needs to register with the PayPal Giving Fund. When a registered nonprofit direct seller lists an item, 100% of the sale proceeds go to that organization.

Adding an eBay for Charity Listing

Whether the seller is only going to contribute a percentage of the proceeds to another registered nonprofit organization, or if the seller is a nonprofit direct seller, the Item.Charity container must be included in an add/revise/relist call to indicate the nonprofit organization that will be receiving some or all of the proceeds. The Item.Charity.CharityID field will identify the target nonprofit organization. For all sellers who are not nonprofit direct sellers, the Item.Charity.DonationPercent field must also be passed in through an add/revise/relist call to indicate the percentage of the sale proceeds that will go toward that nonprofit organization for each sale. The supported values for this float field range from 10.0 to 100.0, and any percentage value in between these two must be in increments of 5.0, so 15.0, 20.0, 25.0, and all the way up to 95.0 and 100.0.

Interested nonprofit organizations can go here to register with the PayPal Giving Fund.

Sellers looking for registered nonprofit organizations to support, can go to the eBay for Charity site or the PayPal Giving Fund site to perform a search. The eBay for Charity site also allows eBay users to save registered organizations as their favorite charities. These charities will then be linked to the eBay user's account.

For details about the eBay charity and fundraising policies:

Charity and fundraising policy

Retrieving the CharityID

A list of valid CharityID values and their corresponding nonprofit charity organizations can be retrieved using GetCharities. See GetCharities for information on retrieving CharityID values with GetCharities.

Retrieving an eBay for Charity Listing

Here are some of the Trading API calls that retrieve information on active and completed eBay for Charity listings:

GetItem, GetSellerList, GetItemTransactions, GetSellerTransactions, and GetOrderTransactions return the name and ID of the nonprofit organization and the requested donation percentage in a Charity object.

Revising a Listing to Add Charity

A revise call can be used to add a benefiting charity to an existing auction or fixed-price listing as long as there are more than 12 hours left in the duration of the listing. You can not add a charity to a classified ad listing with a revise call. A charity cannot be removed or changed with a revise call once it has already been set at listing time.

Benefits of Retrieving eBay for Charity Information

Many buyers and sellers are dedicated to charitable giving for a variety of personal and financial reasons. Some buyers and sellers are particularly interested in donating to specific nonprofit organizations. Others just like to donate in general. A buyer may choose to do more business with nonprofit organizations, as well as sellers who give to nonprofit organizations or who support the same causes as the buyer.

Your application can benefit in several ways by retrieving eBay for Charity information. For example:

Other Ways to List Charitable Items

If a seller wants to donate a portion of an item's proceeds to a nonprofit organization but chooses not to use the eBay for Charity feature, the seller might use the item description field to explain to prospective buyers that a charitable donation will be made. However, in this case, the seller is responsible for sending the donation amount to the benefiting charity. The process is not managed by eBay in any way.

The disadvantage to this is that the listing will not be marked with a charity icon on the eBay Web site, and this listing will not show up if an eBay user is specifically searching for listings that benefit charities.

Note: eBay has strict policies about listing charitable items through means other than eBay for Charity. See the online help at for specific details on those requirements.

Similarly, a nonprofit organization can still list items without registering through PayPal Giving Fund and without using eBay for Charity, and use the item description field to explain that the purchase benefits that organization. However, in this case, it is the responsibility of the buyer to confirm that the seller represents a qualified nonprofit organization.

If a seller describes an item as a listing that benefits a nonprofit organization but does not list the item through eBay for Charity, the Charity object is not applicable in the listing call or the GetItem call (or other calls that retrieve item-related data).