Business Feature Field Differences

The table below describes Business Feature field differences for various sites. See Working with Business Features and VAT.

Table: Business Feature Differences
eBay Site (SiteID value) B2BVATEnabled BusinessSeller RestrictedToBusiness VATPercent
Austria (16) yes yes yes yes
Australia (15) no no no no
Belgium (French language) (23) no yes no yes
Belgium (Dutch language) (123) no yes no yes
Canada (English language) (2) no no no no
Canada (French language) (210) no no no no
Switzerland (193) yes yes yes yes
Germany (77) yes yes yes yes
Spain (186) no no no yes
France (71) no yes no yes
Hong Kong (201) no no no no
Ireland (205) no yes no yes
India (203) no yes no yes
Italy (101) no no no yes
Malaysia (207) no no no no
Netherlands (146) no no no yes
Philippines (211) no no no no
Poland (212) no no no no
Singapore (216) no no no no
United Kingdom (3) no yes no yes
United States (0) no no no no

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