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eBay Feedback API Users Guide

Note: The Feedback API is scheduled for deprecation, and will be decommisioned on September 30, 2020. There is not a direct API equivalent to customize a Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR) report, but the GetFeedback call in the Trading API can be used to retrieve DSRs through the SellerRatingSummaryArray container. A buyer can also leave DSR feedback using the LeaveFeedback call in the Trading API.

When eBay sellers provide service that consistently results in a high level of buyer satisfaction, everybody in the marketplace benefits. One of the ways eBay monitors and preserves buyer satisfaction is through detailed seller ratings (DSRs). In addition to leaving an overall Feedback rating (positive, neutral, or negative) for a seller, buyers can also leave detailed seller ratings. The eBay Feedback API provides developers a means to monitor account-level Feedback data, specifically DSRs, easily.

This Users Guide provides the following information to help you get started with the Feedback API:

Service Overview

The Feedback Service generates DSR summary reports for sellers based on a variety of criteria, such as time period, listing category, transaction information, or specific shipping details. DSR summary reports contain, for each DSR category, an average score, the quantity of ratings left for each rating value, and a total quantity of ratings left. This information can help sellers determine how specific business practices may be contributing to higher or lower DSR scores.

The Feedback Service uses an asynchronous programming model. There are "create" calls for specifying the criteria for generating the reports and a single "get" call, getDSRSummary, to retrieve the generated reports. The reports take too much time to generate to return them in the response of the create calls. The response for the create calls contains a job ID, which is used as input for the get call to check completion status and/or to retrieve the DSR summary report.

Refer to the eBay Feedback API API Reference for a list of API calls and the associated inputs and outputs for each.

Note: Currently, this service offers APIs for managing DSR data only. For other Feedback related operations, such as leaving and retrieving Feedback, please refer to the GetFeedback and the LeaveFeedback calls in the Trading API.

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Use Cases

The eBay Feedback API can be used with other eBay APIs to improve selling applications. The information returned by the service can also help sellers monitor and improve their selling strategies.

See the following eBay Help pages for more information about DSRs and how they affect sellers:

Track DSR Trends

Developers are encouraged to provide tools that will let sellers monitor DSR trends over time:

Since the Feedback API will accept queries for DSR data up to 16 months ago, reports can be generated to compare year to year DSR scores for a given time period, such as a month or a quarter.

Optimize Your Selling Strategy

Developers are encouraged to provide tools that will enable sellers to select the filter criteria that are most important to them and that will help them figure out their DSR strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some examples of filter criteria that can be used with the Feedback API:

Because sellers can generate reports by specifying a list of transaction IDs and item IDs, there is no limit to the ways they can filter their DSR data.

Note: If an item goes through a third-party checkout flow, eBay may not have accurate or complete information for some aspects of the sold item. For example, the shipping service selected, the shipping and handling charges associated with the transaction, or the destination to which the item was shipped may not be available. The queries or filters you use to create a DSR summary report must be based on data available to eBay.

Combining with Other eBay APIs

The Feedback API can be used in conjunction with any of the eBay APIs. We recommend you try using the Feedback API together with one or more of the following APIs.

eBay Trading API

eBay Trading API offer authenticated access to private eBay data to enable automation and innovation in the areas of listing items, retrieving seller sales status, managing post-transaction fulfillment, and accessing private user information such as My eBay and Feedback details. Sellers can use GetSellerTransactions to retrieve the transaction information, such as transaction IDs and item IDs, needed as input for the calls to create DSR summary reports. As sellers adjust their selling practices, they may make changes to the way they list or communicate with buyers.

Research API for eBay (powered by DataUnison)

Although the research APIs are not directly related to managing seller feedback, they provide a variety of data sellers can use to analyze their selling practices and stay competitive. The Research API for eBay retrieves historical eBay data. Visit the DataUnison site for more information about their product offerings.

Additional eBay APIs

See the Products page to learn more about eBay APIs products and upcoming product releases and feature enhancements.

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Working with the Feedback API

The Feedback API is simple and easy to use. This section outlines the fundamentals of how to use the Feedback API.

See Making an API Call for information about how to construct and submit a Feedback API call. Refer to the API Reference for details about the API structure and logic.


The Feedback API requires a seller's user token to ensure DSR data is kept secure. The user token is passed in the X-EBAY-SOA-SECURITY-TOKEN HTTP header.

API Call Limits

To manage capacity for the Feedback Service, a maximum of 10 DSR query requests (e.g., createDSRSummaryByCategory) are allowed per seller (based on user token) per calendar day. If an application meets this limit, subsequent request will fail.

Buyer Anonymity

DSRs are left anonymously by buyers. To preserve this anonymity, reports will be generated only if there are at least 10 DRSs available for the specified criteria (e.g., category ID, transaction key array, or date range).

Report Downloads

Note the following details for retrieving summary reports:

Sandbox Environment

The Feedback Service is not currently supported in the eBay Sandbox environment. However, for the Feedback API, the Production environment is preferred for testing, because the Production environment has pertinent data and the Feedback DSR calls do not alter item or user data.

Usage Guidelines

The following abuses of the Feedback API constitute eBay policy violations:

For more information about eBay policies, refer to the following eBay documents:

API Reference

Refer to the API Reference for a list of calls in the Feedback API. The API Reference includes the following information:

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Additional Resources

You can get more information about the eBay Feedback API at these locations:

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