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The Shopping API is one of the ways that developers can programmatically interact with the eBay website. It lets developers ask eBay for information using just a URL and then gets data back from eBay in XML, JSON, SOAP, or eBay's simple Name Value format.

The major features of the API include:

  • Site Integration. This API opens the eBay platform to enable users to integrate data from the eBay Marketplace into their own sites.

  • Buyer Applications. This API allows for the creation of buyer applications, as well as the ability to search for items, users, and social commerce.

  • Optimization. The Shopping calls are optimized to give very fast response times.

Why Use the Shopping API?

The Shopping API allows you to take the search off of eBay and put it on your own site, or in your own application. You may even be able to make the buying experience better than eBay does, and when users buy something or become eBay members after going through your app, you can make money! 

Keep reading to learn how!

How can I make money with the Shopping API?

There are six popular ways to make money using the Shopping API:

  • Marketing. If you are a seller, highlight your eBay auctions on other sites, and sell more items.

  • Commissions. Make eBay commissions by driving new users or bids to eBay. For more information about the Affiliate program, see eBay Partner Network.

  • Marketing + Commissions. eBay sellers can now make commissions on their own items. You can highlight your own auctions on your site, get money from the sale of that item, and get a commission too! For more information on the Affiliate Program, see eBay Partner Network.

  • Selling your app. Write a creative application and you can charge users to download your application. You write the app once and get paid for it many times.

  • Selling your services. Use your API driven "line into eBay" to offer eBay buyers and sellers assistance in doing things like market research and customer searches.

  • All of the above. Why limit yourself to just one revenue stream? Write an app and offer a service add-on. Or throw affiliate revenue into the mix. As long as you comply with Developer Program regulations, you are limited only by your imagination!

What Data Formats are Supported?

The Shopping API currently supports these formats: 

Request Response

Call Structure

A Shopping API request is composed of several different pieces: 

  • Gateway URL:

  • Call Name Parameter: callName=FindProducts

  • Query Parameter: QueryKeywords=ipad+128GB

Putting it all together, the request would look like this:

For details on the other input styles, including HTTP Post requests, see Making a Call.

How Many Calls Can I Make?

Please refer to the API Call Limits page on the eBay Developers Program site for current default call limits and call limits for applications that have completed the Compatible Application Check, which is a free service that the eBay Developers Program provides to its members.

What Samples are Available? 

The Reference docs for each Shopping API Call has one or more call samples to view.

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