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Create UploadJob

This section provides notes about creating an upload job migrating to the Feed API from programmatic File Exchange (FX).

Feed API



  1. AuthorizationToken: OAuth Token and follows the term Bearer (Bearer + UserToken).
  2. TaskId in Feed API response is equivalent to jobId in programmatic File Exchange API processing.
  3. MarketPlaceId value is provided through input Headers in the Feed API. Schema version value is constant (1.0) for FileExchange feedTypes.
  4. Feeds API sellers can create multiple jobs at a time. The jobs will be queued and only one is processed at any time. This is similar to existing FileExchange behavior.
  5. In the Feed API, the possible values for X-EBAY-C-MARKETPLACE-ID and feedType are described in Feed types and Supported MarketPlaceIds.
  6. The taskId is used in uploadfile call.