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The type that defines the fields for line item information in a purchase order.

Types that use OrderLineItem

Calls that use OrderLineItem


This container is returned for orders that are eligible for eBay's Authenticity Guarantee program. The seller ships Authenticity Guarantee program items to the authentication partner instead of the buyer. If the item is successfully authenticated, the authenticator will ship the item to the buyer.
The cost of a single item in this line item.

Note: The price includes the value-added tax (VAT) for applicable jurisdictions when requested from supported marketplaces. In this case, users must pass the X-EBAY-C-MARKETPLACE-ID request header specifying the supported marketplace (such as EBAY_GB) to see VAT-inclusive pricing. For more information on VAT, refer to VAT Obligations in the EU.
array of Fee
A breakdown of the fees applicable to the line item.
The URL of the item's image.
The identifier of the item.
The container that returns fields to support using the Post Order API for returns and cancellations. For information about what is returned in these fields and how to use the Post Order API, see Using the Post Order API.

Note: The Post Order API can be used only with eBay member checkouts.
The identifier of this line item. This is created by the initiateCheckoutSession for a member and initiateGuestCheckoutSession for a guest calls.
An enumeration value that indicates the payment status of this line item.
An enumeration value that indicates the fulfillment state of this line item.

Note: When there is no tracking information, this status will never change from FULFILLMENT_IN_PROGRESS because without tracking information eBay has no way of knowing if the order was delivered.
The total cost for the items in this line item taking into account the quantity and applying any seller item discounts, such as Buy 1 Get 1, and any coupon that applies to this item.

Note: This does not include any shipping discounts, shipping costs, or seller adjustments.
The unique order ID for this line item. This value is the new eBay unique order ID. For details see, Easier order management with updated order numbers.

In the future, you will use this value in the Post Order API instead of the lineItems.legacyReference fields.

Maximum Length: 40 characters
array of Promotion
An array of promotions applied to the items in this line item.
The number of individual items in this line item.
The container for information about the seller offering this item, such as the seller's user name.
Information about the shipping provider used for this line item.
array of TaxDetail
A container for the tax information for the line item.

Note: The information in this container is only returned when requested from the GB marketplace, when applicable.
The seller created title of the item.