Buy APIs Overview (V1)

The Buy APIs work together to enable eBay partners to sell eBay items from the Partner's app or website. This document contains an overview of each Buy API. The following lists the Buy APIs:

  • Browse API
    • Lets shoppers search for specific items by keyword, GTIN, category, charity, product, or item aspects and refine the results by using filters.
    • Lets you retrieve the details of a specific item or all the items in an item group, which is an item with variations such as color and size and check if a product is compatible with the specified item, such as if a specific car is compatible with a specific part.
    • Provides a bridge between the eBay legacy APIs, such as Finding, and the RESTful APIs, such as Browse, which use different formats for the item IDs enabling you to retrieve the details of the item and the RESTful item ID using a legacy item ID.
    • Lets you search for compatible items and check the compatibility of a specific item.
    • Experimental Release (Experimental) Lets shoppers search for specific items by image. You can refine the results by using URI parameters and filters.
    • Experimental Release (Experimental) Provides the ability for eBay members to see the contents of their eBay cart, and add, remove, and change the quantity of items in their eBay cart.
  • DealAPI – Searches for and retrieves details about eBay deals and events, as well as the items associated with those deals and events.
  • Feed API - Lets you download:

    • A daily Item feed file of the newly listed eBay items for a specific category, date, and marketplace.
    • A weekly Item Bootstrap feed file of all the eBay items in a specific category and marketplace.
    • Item group (item variation information) feed files for the items returned in the Item and Item Bootstrap feed files.
    • An hourly Snapshot feed file of the latest information for items that have changed within that hour for a specific category, date, and marketplace.

    After you have the items, you can curate them specifically for your app or website and then add them to a database.

  • Marketing API – Returns products, which lets shoppers discover new products and assists shoppers with deciding which product to purchase.
  • Limited Release (Limited Release) Marketplace Insights API - Returns the sales history of items sold on eBay.
  • Offer API – Lets Partners place bids on behalf of a buyer on auction items and retrieve the bidding details for an auction where the buyer has placed a bid.
  • – Lets both eBay guests and eBay members pay for items and view their purchase order details. Supports guest payment flows that do not require the Partner to be CPI complaint. It also provides the ability to apply a coupon to the order and track the delivery of the order. For eBay member checkouts, you can use the Post Order API for returns and cancellations. See for details.

The graphic below shows how the Buy APIs can be used together in a buying flow.

Examples of screens built using the Buy APIs