Getting Your Keys

For an application to be able to operate in the Sandbox or the Production environment, it needs to have the appropriate IDs for that environment. These IDs are referred to as application keys (because they unlock the door into the particular application environment). Application keys consist of a set of data that identifies the application and its developer. You use these keys to generate an authentication token for a user. For additional information, see Understand application keysets.

In order to obtain your application keys and start developing your application, you must join the eBay Developers Program. The first step is to register with eBay as a developer. For the simple registration procedure, see Join the eBay Developers Program.

Once you join the eBay Developers Program, you can Create the eBay API keysets for your application. The keyset for the Sandbox is different from the keyset for the Production environment. (Keys for the Sandbox cannot be used to make API calls in the Production environment. Conversely, Production keys cannot be used to make API calls in the Sandbox.)

You can view and track an application's API usage. Click the API Reports link to open the Reports tab, then select a date range for the API Call Use Report and click the Show Reports button to view the report.

Rotating the Cert ID

Your application cert ID is like a password for your keyset. If you think your keyset has been compromised, you can change your cert ID at any time. For additional information, see Resetting your cert ID.

Securing and Using Your Keys

When you execute an API call, your request needs to pass these basic security checks: