Specifying Locations to Where You Ship


Using Shipping Rate Tables for Finer Control of Shipping Location Charges


Excluding Locations

US Listings and Package Size Limitations

Specifying Shipping Locations with the Global Shipping Program

When listing, revising, or relisting items with the Add/Revise/Relist family of API calls, the optional Item.ShipToLocations field lets you specify the regions or countries to where you will ship items. An alternative method is to list the regions or countries you will not ship to by using the ExcludeShipToLocation field.

Pass either ShippingLocationDetails or ExcludeShippingLocationDetails as an argument to DetailName in a call to GeteBayDetails to get a list of the locations and countries that you can include or exclude, respectively, as destinations to which you will ship. For more information, see the GeteBayDetails call reference.

If a buyer's primary ship-to location is a location that you have listed as an excluded ship-to location (or if the buyer does not have a primary ship-to location), they will receive an error message if they attempt to buy or place a bid on your item.

Using Shipping Rate Tables for Finer Control of Shipping Location Charges

On the DE, UK and US sites, sellers can configure flat shipping rate tables in My eBay Shipping Preferences. These tables can then be applied to individual listings using the Trading API. Shipping rate tables enable sellers to tailor the flat shipping rates offered for an item to fit the shipping destination. They can specify a base rate for the seller's country or an international region, then specify different rates or surcharges for shipping to the more distant or inconvenient areas within the country or to specific countries within the region.

For more information about configuring and invoking flat shipping rate tables, see Using Shipping Rate Tables.


There is a ShipToLocations at the Item level of the AddItem family of calls and a ShipToLocation inside InternationalShippingServiceOptions. The purpose of this section is to illustrate the difference between the two.

(Use GeteBayDetails to determine which locations are valid per site. These values are string equivalents of values found in ShippingRegionCodeType and CountryCodeType. )

Item-Level ShipToLocations

As input, the Item-level ShipToLocations enables a seller to identify one or more locations to which he is willing to ship the item in addition to the country of his own site. There is no connection to whether the seller is offering any international shipping services.

As output, the Item-level ShipToLocations reflects the consolidated list of both Item-level ShipToLocations and service-level ShipToLocation values.

For example, if a seller specifies several Item-level ShipToLocations and one of those is Worldwide, GetItem returns Worldwide as the only Item-level ShipToLocation. If the combination of all Item-level ShipToLocations and service-level ShipToLocation values amounts to worldwide, GetItem returns Worldwide as the only Item-level ShipToLocation.

InternationalShippingService-Level ShipToLocation

As input, the ShippingDetails.InternationalShippingServiceOption.ShipToLocation field represents the locations to which the seller is willing to ship the item with that particular international shipping service. For each international shipping service the seller offers, the seller must provide at least one ShipToLocation. There is no connection to whether ShipToLocations has been specified at the Item level.

Note: This applies to the Global Shipping InternationalPriorityShipping service, subject to exclusions made by the international shipping provider.

A seller wishes to offer a couple of international shipping services as options to the buyer. At the same time, the seller does not want to specify where in the world he is willing to ship. Let's say he determines that shipping service XYZ only ships to Canada and Europe and that shipping service ABC offers shipping to Canada at a lower cost than shipping service XYZ:

If the buyer wants the item shipped to Mexico (a location not offered by the seller), perhaps the buyer can work out a deal with the seller via messaging/email/Skype.

Excluding Locations

The ShipToLocations and ExcludeShipToLocation fields work together. You can list a region (such as "Africa") in the ShipToLocations field, then exclude specific countries (such as "Chad") within that region with ExcludeShipToLocation fields. In addition, if your ShipToLocations is Worldwide, you can specify regions and countries that you wish to exclude from your shipping destinations with ExcludeShipToLocation.

You can use the Exclude shipping locations page in My eBay Shipping Preferences to set up a default set of locations where you will not ship items. Once set up, your excluded shipping locations will be set for all future listings, and if the Apply to all current live listings option is selected, all current listings. If you want to override the default list for a particular item, you can do so using the ShipToLocations and/or ExcludeShipToLocation fields as needed.

US Listings and Package Size Limitations

Not all combinations of shipping method and package size are allowed by all domestic and international shipping services for US listings. For details on Package Sizes, see the following eBay web site page:


Specifying Shipping Locations with the Global Shipping Program

Sellers don't need to specify their own country as a location they will ship to at listing time, as eBay automatically sets the listing site's country as a shipToLocation value. However, sellers can include the ShippingService field in the domestic shipping container to specify that they do not ship domestically at all (for example by specifying local pickup, buyer responsible for shipping, or pickup for eBay Motors).

The international shipping provider specifies the full set of available international shipping locations for a Global Shipping-enabled item. The criteria that determine which countries are eligible for the Global Shipping Program are subject to political, logistical, regulatory and cost considerations. However, the seller can exclude any countries from the set of eligible Global ShippingGlobal Shipping countries at the account level, or as part of an item listing.

Once a seller is enrolled in the Global Shipping Program, it becomes the default shipping method for all Global Shipping-eligible destinations except those specifically excluded by the seller.

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