Miscellaneous Item Field Differences

MotorsGermanySearchable is currently only valid for DE (77).

To confirm that Home Page Featured is available for your site, call GetCategoryFeatures with the SiteID for your site and a FeatureID of HomePageFeaturedEnabled. HomePageFeaturedEnabled is returned as an empty element if available for that site, and not returned the feature is unavailable.

Table: Miscellaneous Differences
Site (and ID) BuyerProtection Charity Escrow Home Page Featured
AT (16) yes no yes no
AU (15) yes no yes yes
BEFR (23) yes no yes yes
BENL (123) yes no yes yes
CA (2) yes no no no
CAFR (210) yes no no no
CH (193) yes no no no
DE (77) yes no yes yes
ES (186) yes no yes yes
FR (71) yes no yes yes
HK (201) no no no yes
IE (205) yes no yes yes
IN (203) no no no yes
IT (101) yes no yes yes
MY (207) no no no yes
NL (146) yes no yes yes
PH (211) no no no yes
PL (212) no no no no
SG (217) no no no yes
UK (3) yes yes yes yes
US (0) yes yes no yes

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