Field Differences for eBay Sites

This chapter describes some of the differences among the eBay sites. Where applicable, the sections in this chapter shows differences in the data format that these fields accept or return. Fields and codes not shown in this chapter are equally supported across all eBay sites.

Each table below lists the eBay site abbreviation (e.g., UK) and the corresponding site ID (e.g., 3). See the site code list (SiteCodeType) for explanations of the abbreviations that are used for each site (e.g., UK is United Kingdom) or see the site ID table below. Also see Understanding International Differences.

Business Feature Field Differences

Buyer Requirements and VerifiedUser

Currency Codes

Fees per Site

HitCounter Differences

Listing Duration Logic Differences

Minimum Feedback Requirements by Feature

Miscellaneous Item Field Differences

PaisaPay on the eBay India Site

Search by Postal Code Proximity

Real Estate Ad Format Differences

Search Type Differences

SellerLevel Differences

SellerPaymentMethod Differences

Shipping Region Differences

Promotional Sale Differences

Site IDs

SiteIdFilter for Search Calls

Tax Field Differences (SalesTax and UseTaxTable)

Tax Jurisdictions

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