Offering eBay Plus


How eBay Plus Works

eBay Plus Workflow

How eBay Plus Works

eBay Plus is a premium account option for buyers which provides benefits such as fast free domestic shipping and free returns on selected items.

Note: This program applies only to domestic shipping in Germany, Austria, and Australia.

Buyer Benefits

Seller Benefits

Buyer Participation

Buyers in Germany, Austria, and Australia can enroll in eBay Plus on their My eBay page for an annual fee.

Seller Participation


Sellers opt in to eBay Plus on their My eBay page. They can set all listings to offer or not to offer eBay Plus by default, and they can add or remove the eBay Plus offer on a listing-by-listing basis. When offered, eBay Plus will appear only on qualifying listings.

Listing Requirements

Sellers who participate in the eBay Plus program can select which listings will offer eBay Plus benefits, subject to the following qualifications:

eBay Plus Workflow

  1. Buyers can enroll in eBay Plus through My eBay. Buyers pay an annual fee for the program.
  2. Top-Rated Sellers can opt in to eBay Plus through My eBay. This does not obligate them to offer eBay Plus in any listing. They can choose to offer eBay Plus by default in every qualified listing, or in none. In either case, participating sellers can decide to offer or not offer eBay Plus in any qualified listing on a case-by-case basis.
  3. To determine whether a seller can offer eBay Plus in qualified listings, call GetUserPreferences with ShoweBayPLUSPreference set to true. The eBayPLUSPreference container is returned with information about the countries where the seller is eligible to offer eBay Plus on listings (one eBayPLUSPreference container per country), as well as the seller's opt-in status and listing preference for each country. A ListingPreference value of true indicates that the seller will offer eBay Plus by default for new listings in the specified country.
  4. Create a fixed-price listing of the item using one of the Add calls. Set the Item.eBayPlus field to true to offer eBay Plus in the listing.
  5. To verify that the newly-created listing has actually been enabled with eBay Plus, use the GetItem call and check for a true value in the Item.eBayPlusEligible field.
  6. When calling GetOrders (or other order management calls), the ContainseBayPlusTransaction field will be returned as true at the transaction level to indicate if an order line item qualified for eBay Plus treatment. This particular order line item must be shipped according to eBay Plus requirements, which means that the seller must ship that item out on the same day (as long as buyer made the Cutoff time deadline).

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