Getting Tokens

The information in this chapter assumes you have joined the eBay Developers Program and have a keyset. If you haven't done this yet, you can do so on the Quickstart page.


About Tokens

Getting Tokens for Applications with Multiple Users

Using Tokens

Your security keys uniquely identify your application. A security token uniquely identifies an eBay member who is using the application. To get a token you provide your application ID (appID) and some additional information to eBay. The eBay member logs into eBay with their eBay user name and password and the member gives their consent to allow your application to act on their behalf. Then eBay sends you the token. In this way, the token uniquely connects the eBay member's user name and password to your appID. If the eBay member also uses other applications, they will have different tokens for each application.

Authorizing the calls you make

You can authorize the calls you make to the eBay APIs using one of two methods:

This Features Guide covers how to configure and use Auth'n'Auth.

Using OAuth with the traditional APIs

For details on using OAuth with the traditional APIs (such as the Trading API, the Post Order API, and more), see: OAuth access tokens.

About Auth'n'Auth

There are two application use cases, or models. The models differ only by the number of users supported by the application.

In the Single User Model, the application supports only a single user. In this model, you need only one Auth'n'Auth token. You can generate a single token for your application's user with the Token Tool. Beware, a token is not the same as your user ID or password from the eBay Developer Program. A token is associated with either the eBay web site (as is the case with a production environment) or the sandbox.

In the Solutions Provider Model, the application supports multiple users. For this you would want to implement the ability to get user tokens directly from within your application. The following sections describe how to configure your application to get tokens for users, how to get tokens that will enable users to make use of your application, how to use tokens, and how to replace them when they expire.

For information about the differences between your eBay Developer username/password, Sandbox test users, and production users, see Creating a Sandbox Test User.

The following tutorial walks you through setting up your application to receive tokens and receiving a token for a user.

Creating Application and User Tokens Tutorial

XML Flow Tutorial: Getting Tokens

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