eBay File Transfer APIVersion 1.1.0


The zipped report file that is encoded in Base64 Binary format and included in the request according to the SOAP MTOM standard.

Types that use FileAttachment:

Calls that use FileAttachment:


Data ( base64Binary ) [0..1]
The data in the attached file. When this is returned in downloadFile and you are working with Large Merchant Services or GetCategorySpecifics, the attached file is a .zip file.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Data.

Size ( long ) [0..1]
This is the size of the file you are attaching (that contains the Merchant Data API or Trading API requests that you want to upload) or of the file you are receiving as a download.

The default maximum size for a data file attachment in the File Transfer uploadJob call is 15MB, If you have a large call limit and you want to send more calls than would fit in a 15MB file, you will have to divide your data into multiple uploads.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Size.