eBay Client Alerts APIVersion 963

CommentTypeCodeType ( token )

CommentTypeCodeType - Type declaration to be used by other schema. These are the possible codes to specify the types of feedback/comment. Additional information about feedback is available in the online Help of the eBay site.

Type that uses CommentTypeCodeType:

Call that uses CommentTypeCodeType:

Enumeration Values

Value Description
CustomCode Reserved for internal or future use.
IndependentlyWithdrawn Applies to the eBay Motors site only. Feedback is withdrawn based on the decision of a third party.
Negative Negative feedback. Decreases total feedback score.
Neutral Neutral feedback. No effect on total feedback score.
Positive Positive feedback. Increases total feedback score.
Withdrawn Withdrawn feedback. Removes the effect of the original feedback on total feedback score. Comments from withdrawn feedback are still visible.
  * See the Enumeration Index to see exact use of each enumeration value in the API.