eBay Bulk Data Exchange APIVersion 1.5.0

DownloadJobRecurringFilter ( BaseServiceRequest )

Creates a recurring Bulk Data Exchange job for different LMS Reports and assigns it a recurringJobId. When you create a recurring job, you must specify a recurrence interval, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or a frequency in minutes.

Once a recurring job has been created, a separate job ID is created for each job that is created/executed. For example, if a job runs every hour, it will have a single recurringJobId and each hourly job will have a unique jobId and fileReferenceId.

Type that uses DownloadJobRecurringFilter:

Call that uses DownloadJobRecurringFilter:


orderReportRecurringFilter ( OrderReportRecurringFilter ) [0..1]
Creates a recurrring job for Order Report.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use orderReportRecurringFilter.