eBay Bulk Data Exchange APIVersion 1.5.0


Type defining the dailyRecurrence container. This container can be used to create a recurring job that is executed on a daily basis. If this container is used, the monthlyRecurrence and weeklyRecurrence containers, and frequencyInMinutes field should not be used.

Types that use DailyRecurrence:

Calls that use DailyRecurrence:


timeOfDay ( time ) [1]
This value is used to specify the time of day that the job will execute on a daily basis. The 24-hour clock and GMT are used. 'HH:MM:SS' is the convention that is used, where 'HH' is hours, 'MM' is minutes, and 'SS' is seconds. A sample value is '05:00:00', which would mean that the recurring job would be executed at 5 AM GMT.

This field is always required if the dailyRecurrence container is used.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use timeOfDay.