eBay Trading APIVersion 1225


Type used by the DisputeArray container that is returned in the response of the GetUserDisputes call. The DisputeArray container holds an array of one or more disputes that match the filter criteria in the call request.

Note: 'Item Not Received' or 'Significantly Not As Described' cases, initiated by buyers through the eBay Money Back Guarantee program, are not returned with GetUserDisputes. The getCase method of the Post-Order API is used to retrieve Money Back Guarantee cases programmatically.

Type that uses DisputeArrayType:

Call that uses DisputeArrayType:


Dispute ( DisputeType ) [0..*]
The information that describes a dispute, including the buyer's name, the transaction ID, the dispute state and status, whether the dispute is resolved, and any messages posted to the dispute.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Dispute.