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We want to help you build and grow your killer app!

Building Your App

  • QuickStart: Join and make a call to the LIVE eBay site in under 5 minutes.
  • What API Should I Use?: See which APIs support the features you want.
  • What Do I Need to Comply With?: See what eBay site policies your app needs to comply with.
  • Tutorials: Find a tutorials for your API and language.
  • Samples: Get up and running fast.
  • Documentation: Fully searchable docs have everything you want to know about eBay features and how to implement them yourself.
  • SDKs: Handy Software Development kits cut development time and simplify tasks like error handling.
  • Developer Tools: Tools to help you test your calls, your app, and more.
  • Forums: Share knowledge and ask questions about eBay software integration
  • Jump Start Support Package: Get 4 hours of professional, custom support for $250.

Promoting Your App

  • Marketing Handbook: Valuable information for navigating the eBay landscape and marketing your solution to the eBay community
  • Solutions Directory: List your app where eBay Buyers and Sellers look for solutions. One listing when you pass our free AppCheck.
  • Get featured in our blog: Got a cool tool? Contact and make your elevator pitch. You might just make it into the blog.
  • Star Developer Awards: Once a year we celebrate the best of the best! Watch the blog for our call for nominations and let us know why you are a star developer.

If Something Breaks

  • System Announcements: Look here first to see if it's a known issue.
  • Release Notes: Check the Release Notes for your API to see if something has changed.
  • Knowledge Base: Technical FAQs, white papers, sample code, and articles relating to common developer questions
  • Developer Support: Get custom paid support from our professional Support team. Ask a question via Live Chat or file a Support Request.

System Announcements