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Feature Type:
Anticipated Launch Date:
July '07 in Production. PlaceOffer API access in Sandbox available now
Developer Impact:
Developers can integrate bidding and fixed-price purchasing functionalities into their software or web applications, which users can use only via Auth & Auth. Sniping (scheduled bidding) through PlaceOffer API is strictly prohibited. Please note PlaceOffer API is open to all developers in the Sandbox (testing) environment only. Applications need to be verified before PlaceOffer API access in Production environment.
Feature Description:
PlaceOffer API enables users to bid on Chinese and Dutch auctions, and purchase fixed-price items through 3rd party applications. Affiliate tracking through eBay Partner Network and Mediaplex is enabled in PlaceOffer API. It works on all eBay websites except eBay Germany. PlaceOffer API does not work for listings that require instant payment. The person using PlaceOffer cannot be the listing's seller.
Feature Benefits:
Users will no longer have to go to to bid or buy. Imagine having the ability to keep users where they are and shop on eBay without clicking away. PlaceOffer API delivers a more complete and convenient shopping experience to the end user.