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Open eBay for Selling Manager (Project Echo)

The next level of platform integration for eBay developers

eBay is taking the next step and opening the site to developers. Find out how you can embed your third-party applications where sellers manage their businesses on

What is Project Echo?

Project Echo allows developers to integrate your applications in Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro, eBay's most popular tools for managing selling activities. The eBay seller community will benefit from a streamlined and trusted site experience with access to advanced selling tools that meet their specific needs. Developers will benefit by integrating, promoting and monetizing your third-party applications on the world's largest ecommerce site.

Project Echo will address developer business needs:

  • By integrating into so that discovering and subscribing to applications or features within Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro is fast and easy
  • By promoting Echo applications on targeted to eBay sellers based on their needs
  • By enabling developers to monetize their tools and services by using their subscription processes
  • By managing the messaging of important information to subscribed users via a secure communications channel

When will Project Echo be Released?

Project Echo is currently an alpha and will be open for wider developer participation and eBay seller adoption in the beta release open in late Q1 - early Q2 2009.

How Do I Participate?

Get involved now! We are looking for your input as we build out the next generation of platform integration at eBay. Please review the details in the documents below and let us know what you think in the Project Echo Feedback Forum

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