eBay Trading APIVersion 1085

Call Index

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This Call Reference Index describes the elements and attributes for each call in the eBay Trading API.

The details in this Call Reference apply if you are developing applications with the supplied WSDL or Schema (XSD), or if you are using one of the eBay SDKs. If you are using an SDK, note that there can be differences between the calls outlined in this reference and the calls in the SDK. For details, see eBay SDKs.

Additional resources are available for this eBay Web Service. Please see the eBay Developer Documentation Center.

See also the calls in the eBay Shopping API.

Call Summary Samples
AddDispute Enables a seller to create a new Unpaid Item dispute or to cancel a single line item order. Guide only
AddDisputeResponse Adds a response or comment to a dispute, or closes a dispute. Guide only
AddFixedPriceItem Creates a single-variation or multiple variation, fixed-price listing. view
AddItem Creates a fixed-price, auction, or classified ad listing. view
AddItemFromSellingManagerTemplate Creates listings from Selling Manager templates. view
AddItems Defines from one to five items and lists them on a specified eBay site. view
AddMemberMessageAAQToPartner Enables a buyer and seller in an order relationship to send messages to each other's My Messages Inboxes. view
AddMemberMessageRTQ Enables a seller to reply to a question about an active item listing. view
AddMemberMessagesAAQToBidder Enables a seller to send up to 10 messages to bidders, or to users who have made offers via Best Offer, regarding an active item listing. view
AddOrder Combines two or more order line items into a single order, enabling a buyer to pay for all of those order line items with a single payment. view
AddSecondChanceItem Creates a new Second Chance Offer (that is, an offer for an unsold item) for one of that item's non-winning bidders. view
AddSellingManagerInventoryFolder Adds a new product folder to a user's Selling Manager account. view
AddSellingManagerProduct Creates a Selling Manager product, which contains templates for repeat listings. view
AddSellingManagerTemplate Adds a Selling Manager template. view
AddToItemDescription Appends a horizontal rule, then a message about what time the addition was made by the seller, and then the seller-specified text. view
AddToWatchList Adds one or more items to the user's My eBay watch list. view
AddTransactionConfirmationItem Ends the eBay Motors listing specified by ItemID and creates a new Transaction Confirmation Request (TCR) for the item, thus enabling the TCR recipient to purchase the item. You can also use this call to see if a new TCR can be created for the specified item. view
CompleteSale Enables a seller to do various tasks after the creation of a single line item or multiple line item order. view
ConfirmIdentity Returns the ID of a user who has gone through an application's consent flow process for obtaining an authorization token. view
DeleteMyMessages Removes selected messages for a given user. view
DeleteSellingManagerInventoryFolder Removes a Selling Manager inventory folder. view
DeleteSellingManagerItemAutomationRule Removes the association of Selling Manager automation rules to an item. view
DeleteSellingManagerProduct Deletes a Selling Manager product. view
DeleteSellingManagerTemplate Deletes a Selling Manager template. view
DeleteSellingManagerTemplateAutomationRule Removes the association of Selling Manager automation rules to a template. view
DisableUnpaidItemAssistance Enables a seller who has opted into the automated Unpaid Item Assistant mechanism to disable the Unpaid Item Assistant at the order line item level. view
EndFixedPriceItem Ends the specified fixed-price listing before the date and time at which it would normally end (per the listing duration). view
EndItem Ends the specified listing before the date and time at which it would normally end per the listing duration. view
EndItems Ends up to 10 specified listings before the date and time at which it would normally end per the listing duration. view
ExtendSiteHostedPictures This restricted call gives approved sellers the ability to extend the default and ongoing lifetime of pictures uploaded to eBay. view
FetchToken Retrieves an authentication token for a user. view
GetAccount Returns a seller's invoice data for their eBay account, including the account's summary data. view
GetAdFormatLeads Retrieves sales lead information for a lead generation listing. view
GetAllBidders Provides three modes for retrieving a list of the users that bid on a listing. view
GetApiAccessRules Reports how many calls your application has made and is allowed to make per hour or day. view
GetBestOffers Retrieves best offers. view
GetBidderList Retrieves all items the user is currently bidding on, and the ones they have won or purchased. view
GetCategories Retrieves the latest eBay category hierarchy for a given eBay site. Information returned for each category includes the category name and the unique ID for the category (unique within the eBay site for which categories are retrieved). A category ID is a required input when you list most items. view
GetCategoryFeatures Returns information about the features that are applicable to different categories, such as listing durations, shipping term requirements, and Best Offer support. view
GetCategoryMappings Retrieves a map of old category IDs and corresponding active category IDs defined for the site to which the request is sent. view
GetCategorySpecifics Returns the most popular custom Item Specific names and values for each leaf category you request. view
GetChallengeToken Retrieves a botblock token and URLs for an image or audio clip that the user is to match. view
GetCharities Searches for nonprofit charity organizations that meet the criteria specified in the request. Guide only
GetClientAlertsAuthToken Retrieves a token required for the GetUserAlerts call in the Client Alerts API. view
GetContextualKeywords Retrieves top-ranked contextual eBay keywords and categories for a specified web page. view
GetDescriptionTemplates Retrieves Theme and Layout specifications for the display of an item's description. view
GetDispute Retrieves the details of a specific eBay dispute corresponding to the supplied dispute ID. view
GeteBayDetails Retrieves eBay IDs and codes (e.g., site IDs and shipping service codes), enumerated data (e.g., payment methods), and other common eBay meta-data. view
GeteBayOfficialTime Gets the official eBay system time in GMT. view
GetFeedback Retrieves the accumulated feedback left for a specified user or the summary feedback data for a specific order line item or listing. view
GetItem Returns item data such as title, description, price information, seller information, and so on, for the specified ItemID. view
GetItemsAwaitingFeedback Returns orders in which the user was involved and for which feedback is still needed from either the buyer or seller. view
GetItemShipping Returns shipping cost estimates for an item for every calculated shipping service that the seller has offered with the listing. view
GetItemTransactions Retrieves order line item (transaction) information for a specified ItemID. view
GetMemberMessages Retrieves a list of the messages buyers have posted about your active item listings. view
GetMessagePreferences Returns a seller's Ask Seller a Question (ASQ) subjects, each in its own Subject node. view
GetMyeBayBuying Returns items from the Buying section of the user's My eBay account, including items that the user is watching, bidding on, has won, has not won, and has made best offers on. view
GetMyeBayReminders Requests totals for the Buying and Selling reminders from the user's My eBay account. view
GetMyeBaySelling Returns items from the Selling section of the user's My eBay account, including items that the user is currently selling (the Active list), items that have bids, sold items, and unsold items. view
GetMyMessages Retrieves information about the messages sent to a user. view
GetNotificationPreferences Retrieves the requesting application's notification preferences. view
GetNotificationsUsage Retrieves usage information about platform notifications for a given application. Guide only
GetOrders Retrieves the orders for which the authenticated user is a participant, either as the buyer or the seller. view
GetOrderTransactions Use this call to retrieve information about one or more orders based on OrderIDs, ItemIDs, or SKU values. view
GetPromotionalSaleDetails Obtains information about promotional sales set up by an eBay store owner (the authenticated caller). view
GetSellerDashboard Retrieves a brief summary of the requester's status as an eBay seller. view
GetSellerEvents Retrieves price changes, item revisions, description revisions, and other changes that have occurred within the last 48 hours related to a seller's eBay listings. view
GetSellerList Returns a list of the items posted by the authenticated user, including the related item data. view
GetSellerTransactions Retrieves order line item (transaction) information for the user for which the call is made, and not for any other user. (To retrieve order line items for another seller's listings, use GetItemTransactions.) view
GetSellingManagerAlerts Retrieves Selling Manager alerts. view
GetSellingManagerEmailLog Retrieves a log of emails sent, or scheduled to be sent, to buyers. Includes success or failure status. view
GetSellingManagerInventory Retrieves a paginated listing of a user's Selling Manager inventory. view
GetSellingManagerInventoryFolder Retrieves Selling Manager inventory folders. view
GetSellingManagerItemAutomationRule Retrieves the set of Selling Manager automation rules associated with an item. view
GetSellingManagerSaleRecord Retrieves the data for one or more Selling Manager sale records. view
GetSellingManagerSoldListings Retrieves information about items that a seller has sold. view
GetSellingManagerTemplateAutomationRule Retrieves the set of Selling Manager automation rules associated with a Selling Manager template. view
GetSellingManagerTemplates Retrieves Selling Manager templates. view
GetSessionID Retrieves a session ID that identifies a user and your application when you make a FetchToken request. view
GetShippingDiscountProfiles Returns the shipping discount profiles defined by the user, along with other combined payment-related details such as packaging and handling costs. view
GetStore Retrieves configuration information for the eBay store owned by the specified UserID, or by the caller. view
GetStoreCategoryUpdateStatus Returns the status of the processing for category-structure changes specified with a call to SetStoreCategories. view
GetStoreCustomPage Retrieves the custom page or pages for the authenticated user's Store. view
GetStoreOptions Retrieves the current list of eBay store configuration settings. view
GetStorePreferences Retrieves a user's Store preferences. view
GetSuggestedCategories Returns a list of up to 10 categories that have the highest percentage of listings whose titles or descriptions contain the keywords you specify. view
GetTaxTable Retrieves the tax table for a user on a given site or retrieves the valid jurisdictions (if any) for a given site. view
GetTokenStatus Requests current status of user token. view
GetUser Retrieves data pertaining to a single eBay user. view
GetUserContactDetails Returns contact information for a specified user, given that a bidding relationship (as either a buyer or seller) exists between the caller and the user. view
GetUserDisputes Requests a list of disputes the requester is involved in as buyer or seller. eBay Buyer Protection Item Not Received and Significantly Not As Described cases are not returned with this call. view
GetUserPreferences Retrieves the specified user preferences for the authenticated caller. view
GetVeROReasonCodeDetails Retrieves details about VeRO reason codes for a given site or all sites. You must be a member of the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program to use this call. Guide only
GetVeROReportStatus Retrieves status information about VeRO reported items. You must be a member of the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program to use this call. Guide only
LeaveFeedback Enables a buyer and seller to leave feedback for their order partner at the conclusion of a successful order. view
MoveSellingManagerInventoryFolder Moves a Selling Manager inventory folder. view
PlaceOffer Enables the authenticated user to to make a bid, a best offer, or a purchase on the item specified by the ItemID input field. view
RelistFixedPriceItem Enables a seller to take a single fixed-price item (or a single multi-item listing) that has ended and re-list it on a specified eBay site. view
RelistItem Enables a seller to take a single item (or a single multi-item listing) and re-list it on a specified eBay site. view
RemoveFromWatchList Enables a user to remove one or more items from their My eBay watch list. view
RespondToBestOffer Enables the seller of a Best Offer item to accept, decline, or counter offers made by bidders. Guide only
RespondToFeedback Used to reply to feedback that has been left for a user, or to post a follow-up comment to a feedback comment the user has left for someone else. view
ReviseCheckoutStatus A seller can use this call to update the payment details, the shipping details, and the status of an order. view
ReviseFixedPriceItem Enables a seller to change the properties of a currently active fixed-price listing (including multi-variation listings). view
ReviseInventoryStatus Enables a seller to change the price and quantity of currently active fixed-price items. view
ReviseItem Enables a seller to change the properties of a currently active listing. view
ReviseMyMessages Sets the read state for messages, sets the flagged state of messages, and moves messages into and out of folders. view
ReviseMyMessagesFolders Renames, removes, or restores the specified My Messages folders for a given user. view
ReviseSellingManagerInventoryFolder Revises the name of a Selling Manager inventory folder. view
ReviseSellingManagerProduct Revises a Selling Manager product. view
ReviseSellingManagerSaleRecord Request type containing the input fields for the ReviseSellingManagerSaleRecord call. view
ReviseSellingManagerTemplate Revises a Selling Manager template. view
RevokeToken Voluntarily revokes a token before it would otherwise expire. view
SaveItemToSellingManagerTemplate Creates a Selling Manager listing template that is similar to an item. view
SellerReverseDispute Enables a seller to "reverse" an Unpaid Item dispute that has been closed, for example, if buyer and seller reach an agreement. The seller's Final Value Fee credit and the buyer's strike are both reversed. if applicable. Guide only
SendInvoice Enables a seller to send an order invoice to a buyer. view
SetMessagePreferences Enables a seller to add custom Ask Seller a Question (ASQ) subjects to their Ask a Question page, or to reset any custom subjects to their default values. view
SetNotificationPreferences Manages notification and alert preferences for applications and users. view
SetPromotionalSale Creates or modifies a promotional sale. Promotional sales enable sellers to apply discounts and/or free shipping across many listings. view
SetPromotionalSaleListings Type defining the SetPromotionalSaleListings call request. view
SetSellingManagerFeedbackOptions Enables Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro subscribers to store feedback comments for buyers and set automated feedback preferences (Selling Manager Pro subscribers only). view
SetSellingManagerItemAutomationRule Revises or adds to the set of Selling Manager automation rules associated with a specific item. view
SetSellingManagerTemplateAutomationRule Revises or adds to the Selling Manager automation rules associated with a specific template. view
SetShippingDiscountProfiles Enables a seller to define shipping cost discount profiles for things such as combined payments for shipping and handling costs. view
SetStore Sets the configuration of the eBay store owned by the caller. view
SetStoreCategories Changes the category structure of an eBay store. view
SetStoreCustomPage Creates or updates a custom page on a user's eBay Store. view
SetStorePreferences Sets the preferences for a user's eBay Store. view
SetTaxTable Sets the tax table for a seller on a given site. view
SetUserNotes Enables users to add, replace, and delete My eBay notes for items that are being tracked in the My eBay All Selling and All Buying areas. view
SetUserPreferences Type defining the SetUserPreferences request container. view
UploadSiteHostedPictures Uploads a picture for a listing and returns a URL for the picture. view
ValidateChallengeInput Validates the user response to a GetChallengeToken botblock challenge. Guide only
ValidateTestUserRegistration Requests to enable a test user to sell items in the Sandbox environment. view
VerifyAddFixedPriceItem Enables a seller to test the definition of a new fixed-price listing by submitting the definition to eBay without creating a actual listing. view
VerifyAddItem This call is used to test the validity of a fixed-price, auction, or classified ad listing. view
VerifyAddSecondChanceItem Simulates the creation of a new Second Chance Offer listing of an item without actually creating a listing. view
VerifyRelistItem Checks the arguments that you plan to use for a RelistItem call, looking for errors and listing fees, without actually relisting the item. view
VeROReportItems Reports items that allegedly infringe your copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights. You must be a member of the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program to use this call. Guide only

Standard Requester Credentials for Making Calls

The prototypes and tables do not include the RequesterCredentials container and fields. For example, the input sections do not include eBayAuthToken. For information about authenticating requests, please refer to the guide for the API or SDK you are using. If you are using the Trading API, pass the RequesterCredentials node in the request XML as in the snippet below for most XML requests (exceptions are FetchToken and GetSessionID). In SOAP requests, pass the token and the RequesterCredentials in the SOAP header. See Standard Data for All Calls for fuller examples and information, including a SOAP example.