eBay Shopping API931

Call Index

This API Reference describes the elements and attributes for each call in the Shopping API.

Additional resources are available for this API. Please see the eBay Developer Documentation Center.

See also the calls in the eBay Trading API.

Call Summary Samples
FindHalfProducts Searches Half.com for stock product information (stock description and Item Specifics), such as information about a particular kind of DVD or book. view
FindPopularItems Find popular items view
FindPopularSearches Retrieves the words most frequently used by eBay users when searching for listings. view
FindProducts Searches for stock product information. view
FindReviewsAndGuides Splitting include reviews and guides from GetProducts. view
GetCategoryInfo This call will give you the ability to retrieve high level Category information, relevant for a buy-side application. view
GeteBayTime Gets the official eBay system time in GMT. view
GetItemStatus Contains a single ItemID or an array of ItemIDs. view
GetMultipleItems Retrieves publicly available data for one or more listings. view
GetShippingCosts Gets shipping costs for an item. view
GetSingleItem Retrieves publicly available data for a single listing. view
GetUserProfile Retrieves user information based on the user ID you specify. view